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Revitalising Musical History with Exclusive Soirees

Exclusive: a commodity not obtainable elsewhere…

Musical: pleasant, melodious…

Soiree: an elegant evening gathering…

In the 18th century, live music took a quiet turn towards private concerts. In small rooms and chambers, musicians played to their supporters, delivering an enchanting and intimate experience.

Inspired by this shared musical affair, I’m launching a series of soirees—quaint performances reflecting the fashionable subscription concerts Mozart often played.

Audiences of the time longed for harmonious chamber and private house performances, not sweeping symphonies in great concert halls. There was no need for supporters to understand classical music—the musicians explained it all, connecting their performances to unique stories and the space around them.

“Whether you’re an expert musician, a casual fan, a history lover, or an architectural artisan, the chamber music experience is equal.”

In chamber concerts, audiences sit close to musicians, watching their reactions and techniques in real-time, immersed in the experience. Musical programs reflect the venue—its architecture, history, meaning—and the feelings embodied in the performance.

Whether you’re an expert musician, a casual fan, a history lover, or an architecture aficionado, the chamber music experience is equal. Also, you're supporting local enterprise, celebrating the ornate interiors and stunning acoustics our neighbourhood venues offer.

Player selection is careful. We choose charismatic musicians for their technical and artistic skills along with their passionate, sensitive performance styles.

As the former Chairman of the BBC Symphony at Royal Albert Hall, I’ve worked at the very highest levels of the musical profession. Adelaide-based international players Thomas Marlin and Michael Ierace are among the best colleagues I could choose, even if I had scoured the globe for suitable musicians.

North Adelaide’s new Baroque Hall—a faithful recreation

We’re so lucky now to have special permission to use North Adelaide Baroque Hall—a unique venue replicating the late 18th-century musical experience by a real Patron of the arts.

Unveiling this building is a memorable moment in our shared history—a gift to the South Australian people. It reflects true generosity and incredible attention to high-performance focus that impeccably suits our series. There’s even a handbuilt piano made in Germany’s Bayreuth!

What an experience it is to enter the Baroque Hall. At our exclusive soiree on December 4th, you’ll have a chance to see it for yourself.

“Unveiling this building is a memorable moment in our shared history—a gift to the South Australian people.”

Its ornate ceiling, perfect acoustic, and stunning decoration deliberately recreate European culture for those who may never see the originals, and for all of us to marvel at and enjoy.

The new Baroque Hall at North Adelaide.

After the performance, the group will interact, discussing their shared experience and enjoying each other’s company—plus the amazing produce of our generous wine sponsors, Hutton Vale Farm!

Many more incredible opportunities will come when the hall opens in late March 2023. In the meantime, please join us on December 4th.

“I believe that live music should be fun and engaging for all. Celia proposes a new awareness which could shape-shift the audience for classical music…” — Margaret Lehmann AM


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