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These are held in our studio in the school holidays in April and October, or more often by request, for younger players to meet others in a friendly environment and to reinforce good teaching practice. Often, playing oboe or bassoon can be a fairly isolated business and by meeting in a group we have a lot of fun- introducing players, sharing music and stories and playing together.

Originally conceived for my tertiary students, ‘Sound Academy Bootcamp’ aims to up the level for more advanced players. We  schedule these in late January summer holidays in advance of the start of the year. If you have a working instrument and good reeds, playing the oboe is easy! So the idea is to make sure everyone has a good working set up before term starts and can get back into practicing. This is also good for professional refreshers and teachers. Contact me for more details. Next Junior Sound Academy Mon 5 Oct 9.30-12.30!



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