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To do for classical music what Jamie Oliver has done for food: passionate about communicating the relevance and appeal of classical music, Artaria’s Creative Director Celia Craig brings together some of the world’s finest musicians to create evocative performances that move the listener.  Artaria was enabled through direct community support for the concept of cultural tourism; a visual journey sensitively crafted to enhance the music featuring stunning South Australia to accompany innovative and world class recordings, planning live concerts (with video footage and projected images) on tour to promote the finished recordings and videos. In the digital age, all pop music has a visual component and the concept applies beautifully to classical especially within the stunning landscapes of South Australia. World class performers gather to interpret appealing and neglected repertoire with instant audience appeal. Generous support has been welcomed from Brighton Secondary School, Maggie Beer, Coriole Vineyards and The National Trust, South Australia, as well as Brand South Australia. That there should be this much support for a debut album is remarkable. So many thanks to our generous fans and subscribers already! Artaria has arrived, follow our story from here….

The composer must not shut himself up and think about art; he must live with his fellows and make his art an expression of the whole life of the community….if the roots of your art are firmly planted in your own soil and that soil has anything individual to give you, you may still gain the whole world and not lose your own souls … Ralph Vaughan Williams, Nationalism and other essays (1934)



Huge thanks to our generous corporate supporters at the heart of South Australian Community:

Coriole Vineyards  The National Trust SA

Brighton High School and Maggie Beer

and our wonderful team of local businesses:

Anna McKenzie Graphic Design

JLM Studios

Disk-Edits Pty ltd

Paul Sallis Accountants

We have been swept away by Celia’s energy and enthusiasm for a unique contribution to the South Australian musical scene

-Skye McGregor, Music Lover

– Norman Etherington, President of the National Trust of South Australia

 I’m happy to say how interested I am in your project: anything with a connection to music excites me. I know I can help and I would love to. Love the sound of your project…

– Maggie Beer

I’ve worked with Celia Craig over many years as conductor with the ASO. She is passionate and committed, and on top of that a supremely fine player. This project is about bringing the best to Adelaide, and creating something uniquely South Australian. I am particularly interest in the video component about the inner workings of a chamber ensemble. This could be a great resource for students in SA and further afield

-Guy Noble

Myponga, South Australia by Jason Mildwaters JLM Studios